The Fox Brewery & Pub is a traditional, English-style pub located in the Historic St. Charles Hotel in downtown Carson City—Nevada’s State Capital.



The hotel was originally built as two separate buildings. The northern, three-story, section was started on April 1, 1862, and was named the St. Charles Hotel. Construction on the southern two-story building started one month later, and it opened as the Muller Hotel. The builders were George W. Remington and Albert Muller, and they partnered with Dan Plitt who owned a bakery on the corner where the hotel was to be built. The hotel was first advertised in the October 2, 1862 edition of the Silver Age newspaper. It was called “the most desirable and commodious first-class house in Carson,” and “the pleasantest resort in Carson and where everything kept by the bar is the best quality.”

The hotel also became a major stage stop for Carson City. It held the offices of the Pioneer Stage Co., which employed famed stage coach driver Hank Monk. It was also a popular hangout for state lawmakers when the Legislature was in session. Mark Twain, who lived in Carson City when the hotel was built, was most likely a patron of the bar on the ground floor. Photo and description credit:

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